Ute Aurand

ute aurand

To Brasil

2023 18,5min 16 mm Optical Sound
Verleih: Ute Aurand

To Brasil
2023 18,5min 16mm optical sound
Distribution: Ute Aurand

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Auf Einladung von Mutual Films (Mariana Shellard und Aaron Cutler) reiste ich im September 2022 zum ersten Mal nach Brasilien. Anlaß waren Filmvorführungen meiner Filme und Filme von Margaret Tait in Sao Paulo und Rio de Janeiro.

World Premiere: Open City Documentary Festival, London, 11.9.2023


Mutual Films (Mariana and Aaron Cutler) invited me with two filmprograms to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro....

Open City Documentary Festival catalogue: A filmic encounter with Brazil, which Aurand visited for the first time in September 2022 for screenings of her films and Margaret Tait’s in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Aurand’s 16mm films are portraits of people and place, often prompted by the discovery and experience of travel. As George Clark has written, the journey is a cornerstone of Aurand’s filmmaking: "“Her work builds out from fragments, detours, refrains and returns; her camera picks up discarded gestures and suspends them in time. Films are always moving, always fleeting, Aurand’s work reminds us. These qualities are as fundamental to lived experience as they are to the cinema. Throughout Ute Aurand’s work we encounter a world animated by her mobile and dynamic camera, following, chasing, leading and dissecting space." 

World Premiere: Open City Documentary Festival, London, 11.9.2023