Ute Aurand

ute aurand

To Be Here

2013 38min 16mm Farbe+s/w Lichtton
gefördert von der Medienboard GmbH

to be here
2013 38min 16mm color+b&w Optical Sound
supported by Medienboard GmbH

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"To Be Here": gefilmt in New England, New York und dem Südwesten der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika. TO BE HERE ist der letzte Teil der Triologie mit INDIA (2005) gefilmt in Pune und JUNGE KIEFERN (2011), gefilmt in Japan.

Worldpremiere: 17th VIEWS FROM THE AVANT-GARDE, New York, October 5, 2013

To Be Here: The Films of Ute Aurand, Tate Modern London, February 2014

" (...) Unlike many contemporary artists using the moving image, Aurand works within the artisanal tradition, shooting and editing her 16mm films alone. She favours responsive handheld camerawork and a distinctive editing style that is at once energetic, rhythmic and tender. Though this process may be solitary, it is never self-involved; rather, Aurand’s films are marked by a disarming openness. Even when working far from home – in Japan for Young Pines (Junge Kiefern, 2011), in the United States for To Be Here (2013) – Aurand is a traveller not a tourist. She may not know personally the students of Mount Holyoke College who appear in To Be Here, but her empathy with them is palpable and moving.(...)  Erika Balsom "Introducing the intimate films of Ute Aurand"

"To Be Here": filmed in New England, New York and the Southwest of the US in 2012/2013. It is the last part of my trilogy with INDIA (2005) filmed in Pune and JUNGE KIEFERN / YOUNG PINES (2011) filmed in Japan.