Ute Aurand

Courtisane Film Festival 29.3.-2.4.2017, Gent

COURTISANE FILM FESTIVAL  - Artist in Focus: Ute Aurand.

 " (...) Rather than providing a comprehensive retrospective of Aurand’s work, this Artist in Focus offers insight into key motifs of her practice, with an emphasis on films made during the past 10 years. The first two programs are loosely structured around an artificial division between her diary films and her portraits, two categories that are impossible to differentiate and which inevitably merge in her work. A third program is centered around the collaborative film Kleine Blumen, kleine Blätter (1995), for which ten friends, filmmakers and non-filmmakers, were asked to make a film about the seasons (a recurrent subject for Aurand’s camera). This screening provides an opportunity to highlight Aurand’s network of friends and influences and also features work by Jeannette Muñoz, Renate Sami and Marie Menken. (...)" Maria Palacios Cruz



Lumiere + Birdie Num Num, 13.11.16 Barcelona

Un corte es un movimiento: las películas de Ute Aurand       Programa realizado por la Asociación Lumière. En colaboración con Birdie Num Num

Schweigend ins Gespräch vertieft. Ute Aurand. 1980. 10’ .16mm.
Umweg. Ute Aurand, Ulrike Pfeiffer. 1982. 12'. 16mm.
Detel + Jón. Ute Aurand. 1988/1993. 33'. 16mm.
Oh! Die Vier Jahreszeiten. Ute Aurand, Ulrike Pfeiffer. 1986/1988. 20'. 16mm.

Bärbel und Charly. Ute Aurand. 1994. 35'. 16mm.
Am Meer. Ute Aurand. 1995. 3'. 16mm.
Sakura, Sakura. Ute Aurand. 2015. 2,5'. 16mm.
Four Diamonds. Ute Aurand. 2016. 4'. 16mm.



Werkschau Maria Lang, Liliom Kino Augsburg, 30.10.2016

Werkschau mit Filmen von und mit unserer lieben Freundin Maria Lang (1945-2014). Während ihres Studiums an der Deutschen Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin entstanden ihre zwei wichtigsten Filme: Familiengruft – ein Liebesgedicht an meine Mutter (1981/82) und Zärtlichkeiten (1985). 1991 zog Maria aufs Land nach Zusmarshausen, pflegte ihre Mutter und schrieb viel. Mit zwei Filmprogrammen würdigen wir ihre außergewöhnlichen Filme. (Ute Aurand, Renate Meierhofer, Angi Schanung)

Video Nachrichten Nr. 3, Berlin: ICH SITZE IN MEINER KÜCHE UND ERZÄHLE Maria Lang, 1990, 60 Min, (Ausschnitt 25 Min)  /   MARIA  Ute Aurand, 2011, 2,5 Min, Blue Ray von 16mm, stumm  /  DER SCHMETTERLING IM WINTER Ute Aurand, Maria Lang, 2006, 29 Min, DCP von 16mm   /  FAMILIENGRUFT – EIN LIEBESGEDICHT AN MEINE MUTTER Maria Lang, 1981, 10 Min, DCP von 16mm.  /  ZÄRTLICHKEITEN Maria Lang, 1985, 28 Min, s/w, DCP von 16mm Abschlussfilm DFFB  /  MARIA UND DIE WELT Ute Aurand 1995, 15 Min, DCP von 16mm       



Doclisboa "Correspondence Films" 20.-30.10.16

DocLisboa zeigt in der Reihe "Correspondence Films - Lettres, Distances, Displacements" fünf Filme von Ute Aurand: ZU HAUSE; HALBMOND FÜR MARGARET; SUSAN+LISBETH; MARIA UND DIE WELT.
"From the epistolary film to the correspondence film there are elements that gain different places and meanings. This programme draws a small and partial map of the poetic (and political) forms with which some films renew the epistolary tradition in cinema. Letters, poems, movements thrown against the distance, intimacies offered as a political gesture. Love, longing, friendship, solitude, sharing – films that build community."



Robert Flaherty Film Seminar 2016: PLAY

Flaherty Seminar PLAY 18.-24.6.2016: "A cinema at play is a cinema that breathes—a cinema open to the shifting rhythms of the world. Play implies looseness, experimentation, chance, a suspension of judgment in favor of a child’s open-ended curiosity. Play allows cinema to be a vital, living thing, one that faces the world with innocence, hoping to experience rather than persuade.(...)" David Pendleton, programmer.

Invited filmmakers: Ute Aurand, Luke Fowler, Naomi Kawase, Saul Levine, Brigid McCaffrey, Luis Ospina, Joaquim Pinto, Kidlat Tahimik, Ana Vaz, Billy Woodberry.



Kommunale Galerie Berlin, 8.5.2016

"In diesen Augenblicken", Filme von Ute Aurand und Robert Beavers innerhalb der Ausstellung "Mikado / DAS HAUS", Kommunale Galerie Berlin:     Paul Celan liest / Am Meer / Susan+Lisbeth / Pitcher of Colored Light / Four Diamonds.




FOUR DIAMONDS, Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, 7.5.2016

FOUR DIAMONDS, 2016, 4,5min, 16mm läuft im Deutschen Wettbewerb 2, Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen.




Close Up, London, 6.3.2016

"That a thing once happened has happened for always" - Filme von Ute Aurand, Margaret Tait und Peter Todd. CLOSE UP, London.




CONVERSATIONS, Parallel+ICO, 5.3.2016

CONVERSATION, kuratiert von Ute Aurand und Peter Todd, am 5.3.2016, Parallel+ICO Cinema Weekend, Bristol.

Filme von Ute Aurand, Robert Beavers, Nick Collins, Jeannette Munoz, Renate Sami, Peter Todd, Margaret Tait. "In CONVERSATION we have selected films, in which the filmmaker's camera transforms the filmmaker's feelings and observations into images, rhythm, movements and editing beyond obvious narration. The spectator enters in his/her own way and discovers - sometimes - the unexpected."

Foto: The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo by Margaret Tait



Light Movement 11, 29.1.2016

Light Movement 11 - Freitag 29 Jan - 20Uhr - SPEKTRUM : Aurand, Beavers, Fanderl, Kels, Muñoz, Schwarz, Rorison, Edmonds

"Light Movement 11 brings together a selection of filmmakers, most of whom have had screenings in the series over 2015. This is a great chance to see a selection of films which convey the general dirrection of the series so far, all shown in their original formats. We also welcome several of these filmmakers to the screening in person." James Edmonds

Foto: Helga Fanderl; For further details please see light-movement.blogspot.de



National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC 10.+11.10.2015

Personal Space: Films by Aurand and Beavers          Programmer: Joanna Raczynska

Portraits of Place and Familiars: Ute Aurand and Robert Beavers in person, Sat Oct 10 (2:00) - A weave of six short films that mutually resonate: Robert Beavers’s First Weeks (silent, 2014); The Hedge Theater (1986 – 1990/2002, 35mm), filmed in Italy and featuring Francesco Borromini’s architecture, birdcages, and the sewing of a buttonhole; and The Suppliant (2010), a portrait drawn from a living space and a small sculpture. Aurand’s films include the silent triptych Im Park and A Walk (2008); Kopfüber im Geäst (Hanging Upside Down in the Branches, 2009), a montage of brief recollections filmed in the years before the death of the filmmaker’s parents; and Am Meer (At the Sea, 1995), the record of a sojourn on the Baltic Sea island of Hiddensee, edited in-camera.

Three Films by Robert Beavers: Sat Oct 10 (3:30)  - The first and second title in this program, both filmed in Greece, are included in Beavers’s epic seventeen-film cycle, My Hand Outstretched to the Winged Distance and Sightless Measure: The Stoas (1991 – 1997, 35mm), a painterly study of the Athens market district and Arcadian landscapes, and The Ground (1993 – 2011, 35mm), described by the filmmaker as “a rhythm, marked by variations in repetition.” Listening to the Space in My Room (2013) “summons up not only the memory but also the physical presence of the filmmaker’s life in the home of his Swiss friends.”

Recent Films by Ute Aurand: Sun Oct 11 (2:00) - Aurand’s program of her most recent work includes To Be Here (2013), filmed in New England, New York, and the southwestern United States; Sakura, Sakura (2015) filmed in Japan; and three short portraits of the filmmaker’s friends — Maria, Susan, and Lisbeth (2011 – 2012). “Filming portraits allows me to emphasize private gestures and moments beyond narration and documentation” — U.A.

Foto: Listening to the Space in my Room by Robert Beavers



L'AGE D'OR FESTIVAL, Brüssel, 2.-10.2015


L'Age D'OrSAKURA, SAKURA by Ute Aurand together with films by Friedl vom Gröller, Helmut Völter, Claudio Caldini, Claudio Caldini, John Skoog  (8.10.15)

FADENSPIELE 3 by Detel Aurand and Ute Aurand on the 4.10.15 at EXPRMNTL FOR KIDS together with films by John Hubley, Faith Hubley, Lawrence Jordan, Guy Sherwin, Bert Haanstra.



Media City Film Festival 28.7.- 1.8.2015

SAKURA, SAKURA 2015, 3min, 16mm

31st July 2015, International Program 4: Jonathan Schwartz | Peter Hutton | Helga Fanderl | Claudio Caldini | Ute Aurand | Rose Lowder | Saul Levine

Media City Film Festival in Windsor, Canada - one of the most dedicated Film Festivals.



Vancouver 8 July + 5 August 2015

DIM Cinema at the Cinematheque

8 July 2015 Ute Aurand: Eye Movement Stillness   

Programmed by Michèle Smith. (...) Aurand records life’s small, ephemeral details on a handheld Bolex camera, later reworking them in a style that is at once energetic, rhythmic, playful and — unusually for experimental cinema — tender. She has described her approach as “a brief touch” — “like a swing, to go away and come back and go away and come back again.” Her films explore the lives of friends and strangers, the atmosphere of local and foreign places, and “the absolutely singular, exquisite textures of daily life around her” (Michael Sicinski).
A Walk/Im Park/Zuoz. Kopfüber im Geäst (Hanging Upside Down in the Branches); To Be Here; Zu Hause (At Home)

5 Aug 2015 Toying with String: Detel and Ute Aurand, Julia Feyrer and Tamara Henderson

Programmed by Michèle Smith. Detel and Ute Aurand’s trilogy of films Toying with String I-III (Fadenspiele I-III) was made in a spirit of artistic spontaneity and improvisation with the painter Detel Aurand and the filmmaker Ute Aurand, between 1999 and 2013. Filmed inside the artist’s studio and outdoors in forests, fields, and mountains, they feature various natural and manmade materials invisibly manipulated to create images in a constant state of metamorphosis. This aspect of the sisters’ films serves as a bridge to the work of local artists Julia Feyrer and Tamara Henderson, who will show a selection of 16mm films from their collaborative and separate practices.



5.+ 6.6.2015, Filmhaus Nürnberg

Filme und Videos an zwei Abenden im Filmhaus Nürnberg: "Filme von Maria Lang und Ute Aurand" und "Videoschwarmsichtung Maria Lang"

»....dann hörte ich auf zu arbeiten und begann damit, Film zu studieren ... jetzt wußte ich, daß ich eine Frau war die nicht gelernt hat zu verstehen und ich wollte jemanden der mich sehr tief etwas lehren konnte und ich fand ihn nicht und wurde immer hilfloser und trauriger und krank und zwischendurch hörte ich auf etwas zu wollen und hörte auf mit dem Lesen von Büchern und aus dem Innehalten wurde dann ein Film ... « (aus: Maria Lang, Zwei Filme von mir über mich)

Im September 2014 starb Maria Lang – Anfang der 70er aktiv in der Homosexuellen Aktion Westberlin und Mitbegründerin des Lesbischen Aktions-Zentrums. 1980, während ihres Studiums an der Filmakademie dffb, lernte sie Ute Aurand kennen. Sie arbeiteten zusammen an Filmen, an Programmen und Projekten wie »Frauen machen Geschichte – 25 Jahre Studentinnen an der dffb«. 1991 ging Maria Lang an ihren Geburtsort zurück, pflegte ihre Mutter und war rund ums Augsburger Frauenzentrum aktiv.



Courtisane Festival 2015, Gent

COURTISANE FESTIVAL -  Delanghe / Aurand / Jiménez 5th of APRIL 2015:  "Maria und die Welt" (1995) and "Jón in Akureyri" (1993)

Thanks to Maria Palacios Cruz.



Films of Place by Ute Aurand, Harvard Film Archive, 30.3.15

"Films of Place by Ute Aurand"  (INDIA, To Be Here, SAKURA, SAKURA): German experimental filmmaker Ute Aurand returns to the Harvard Film Archive with three films inspired by her immersive travels to distant lands—India, Japan and the United States. Completing the trilogy of “places,” To Be Here, journeys across the US, giving special focus to New England and the utopian promise still resonant in the spirit and song which Aurand discovers so perceptively. To Be Here counts among Aurand’s most insightful and playful films, buoyed by her sincere fascination with “America the Beautiful” and offering a refreshing tonic to the usual cynical detachment which has traditionally defined European perspectives and writings on the US. In India, meanwhile, Aurand turns to a more rhythmic and instinctual approach to give an almost musical structure and feeling to the textures and colors of her three trips. Completed for this program, Aurand’s latest short film Sakura, Sakura extracts an evocative glimpse of Japan from her Young Pines footage. – Haden Guest



Light Movement 2: Ute Aurand -Thurs 19 Feb. 2015

FADENSPIELE 3, Detel Aurand, Ute Aurand 2013, 9min, 16mm + TO BE HERE, Ute Aurand, 2013, 38min, 16mm 

Another Vacant Space, Berlin-Wedding.

"The second instalment of Light Movement will be a solo screening from Berlin's own Ute Aurand,  from original 16mm prints from the filmmakers archive. The films of Ute Aurand are something of a journey into the cinematic resonance which she manages to capture and extend in her filming and editing. (...) The focus is on the everyday, although there is always a looking out and beyond in the shots and choices of subject, which is often dedicated to friends, sometimes strangers, always with a warm affection and sensitivity to the human spirit in things, balanced by a determined dedication to the constant development of rhythm and the crafting of formally significant impressions." James Edmonds



Brussels + Gent 27./ 28.10.14

Ute Aurand: Here and Now, curated by Maria Palacios Cruz. " (...) To Be Here, the title of Aurand’s most recent film, perfectly encapsulates the sense of immediacy, spontaneity and intimacy that characterises her filmmaking. Ute Aurand’s work celebrates the here and now, the people she meets, the places she visits, the very fact of being alive. Hers is an honest, warm and vibrant cinema, which eulogizes artistic spontaneity and improvisation. These two screenings in Ghent and Brussels mark the first monographic presentation of Aurand’s work in Belgium. (...)

WOLKE, Brüssel; OFFoff Gent



TO BE HERE Doclisboa 22./23.10.14

New Visions



Avantgarde ist keine Strömung IV, 12.-27.9.14, Leipzig

D21 Kunstraum Leipzig veranstaltet vom 12.09. bis 27.09.2014 in der  "Reihe Experimentalfilm" das Mini Festival »Avantgarde ist keine Strömung IV«. Einzelpräsentation: Ute Aurand (Gast) ist am Sa 13.9.14 um 19Uhr im Luru Kino und am Mi 24.9.14 um 20Uhr in der Cinémathèque Leipzig zu sehen.



18.8.14 TO BE HERE at Early Monthly Segments, Toronto

Early Monthly Segments (Toronto) shows TO BE HERE und My Name is Oona by Gunvor Nelson:

" (...) In To Be Here Aurand focuses her hand held Bolex on the USA via locations in New England, New York and Arizona. Near the start of the film she combines a series of close ups of the hand written lyrics for America the Beautiful with portraits of their author Katherine Lee Bates. Then, interspersed with landscapes and interiors Aurand goes on to show us vintage photographs of additional exceptional American women including Hester C. Whitehurst Jeffrey, Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman. At the heart of the film is a visit with the students of Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, young women who appear to be poised to take on the mantle of their historic grandmothers depicted earlier in the film: strong, studious and confident. Aurand’s own ‘America the Beautiful’ provides us with glimpses of the landscapes and towns that these students will inherit. From the elegance of a shaker salon to the dusty neon of a desert truck stop, to gardens and oceans and a full moon over a bucolic field, To Be Here depicts an America abundant with poetry and promise.
Screening with Gunvor Nelson’s iconic 16mm portrait of her daughter My Name is Oona. In this masterpiece of layered images Nelson depicts her daughter at play while the soundtrack provides a musical affirmation of the girl’s own voice."    (Kate McKay)



Kunstverein in Hamburg: In die Erde Gebaut 13.7.2014

Im Kunstverein in Hamburg wird innerhalb der Ausstellung "A Paradise built in Hell", kuratiert von Bettina Steinbrügge und Stefanie Schulte-Strathaus, zwischen dem 27.7. und 7.9.2014 jeweils um 18Uhr ein Film projeziert. IN DIE ERDE GEBAUT läuft am 13.7.2014.



11.7.14 TO BE HERE at Media City Film Festival, Windsor, Kanada

I am very pleased, that To Be Here will be shown at the 20th MEDIA CITY FILM FESTIVAL in Windsor, Canada, together with Listening to the Space in my Room  by Robert Beavers, A Study in Natural Magic by Charlotte Price and Rose by Shiloh Cinquemani. Thanks to Oona Mosna and Jeremy Rigsby.



"Ute Aurand - Lichtgedichte" VIDEOEX Zürich 30.5.2014

"(...) Die Kamera ist Tagebuch und Instrument der Bewahrung: Ute Aurand sammelt die in der Kamera geschnittenen Bilder und bringt sie manchmal Jahre später in eine neue zeitliche Reihenfolge. Daraus entstehen kleine Zeitminiaturen, die den Gesten und Erscheinungen des Augenblicks Raum geben. (...) VIDEOEX zeigt die wichtigsten Filme ihrer Karriere und spannt den Bogen vom 1980 entstandenen Erstlingsfilm "Schweigend ins Gespräch vertieft", hin zum 2013 fertiggestellten dritten Teil ihrer Trilogie "To be here"." VIDEOEX



Aurand / Muñoz / Sami 8.4.14 Kino Arsenal Berlin

Aurand / Muñoz / Sami

Zum zweiten Mal zeigen die drei Filmemacherinnen ihre Filme in einem gemeinsamen Programm. Ihre Stadt- und Landschaftsbilder sind Beobachtungen der Wirklichkeit von einem radikal subjektiven Standpunkt aus. In Am Lietzensee filmt Renate Sami von einer Bank aus mit einer kleinen HD Kamera die vier Jahreszeiten vom Sommer 2012 bis Frühling 2013. In Strata of Natural History sucht Jeannette Muñoz in Berlin nach den verbliebenen unsichtbaren Spuren der Kaweskar Ureinwohner aus Feuerland. To Be Here ist der dritte Teil von Ute Aurand's Ländertriologie. Nach Indien und Japan filmt sie in New England, New York und dem Südwesten  der USA.

Renate Sami's, Jeannette Muñoz's and Ute Aurand's three city- and landscape topographies are observations of reality while giving a central place to the subjective.



To Be Here: The Films of Ute Aurand Fri 21 February – Sat 22 February 2014, Tate Modern, London

To Be Here: The Films of Ute Aurand 

The playful and poignant films of German filmmaker Ute Aurand, a key figure in Berlin’s experimental film scene since the 1980s, emerge from her intimate relationship with people and places. Drawing on traditions of the diary film, feminism and artisanal practices, her handcrafted 16mm films are filled with joy at the small details of life – from observations of landscapes to friends filmed over many years. Her exuberant films reflect on memory as much as they celebrate the here and now. These screenings presented by the artist will highlight the range and breadth of Aurand’s filmmaking.

Curated by George Clark, Assistant Curator Film, Tate Modern

" (...) Unlike many contemporary artists using the moving image, Aurand works within the artisanal tradition, shooting and editing her 16mm films alone. She favours responsive handheld camerawork and a distinctive editing style that is at once energetic, rhythmic and tender. Though this process may be solitary, it is never self-involved; rather, Aurand’s films are marked by a disarming openness. Even when working far from home – in Japan for Young Pines (Junge Kiefern, 2011), in the United States for To Be Here (2013) – Aurand is a traveller not a tourist. She may not know personally the students of Mount Holyoke College who appear in To Be Here, but her empathy with them is palpable and moving.(...)  Erika Balsom

"Introducing the intimate films of Ute Aurand" by Erika Balsom



A camera of one’s own. Film portraits and diaries by Ute Aurand, Margaret Tait and Marie Menken 6.2.2014 CCCB, Barcelona

A camera of one’s own. Film portraits and diaries by Ute Aurand, Margaret Tait and Marie Menken 

A central figure on Berlin’s film scene, Ute Aurand makes her films in the tradition of the diary and the filmed portrait, strongly influenced by Margaret Tait, Marie Menken and Jonas Mekas. Films that explore the private lives of her friends, the beauty and sensibility of light and the textures of spaces, meticulously edited and structured “that evoke the specific rhythms and the personality of people and places captured by the camera”. This programme centres primarily on the recent filmed portraits of Aurand, whose work has just started to become known internationally in the last few years. It is brought together with that of Tait and Menken, with the presentation of a little-known film made on a trip to Spain with Kenneth Anger and left unfinished. Ute Aurand will be present at the screening.
A portrait of Ga, Margaret Tait, 1955, 16 mm, 4 min; Happy Bees, M. Tait, 1955, 16 mm, 16 min; Bagatelle for Willard Mass, Marie Menken, 1961, 16 mm, 6 min; Hanging Upside Down in the Branches, Ute Aurand, 2009, 16 mm, silent, 15 min; At Home (Zu Hause), U. Aurand, 1998, 16 mm, 2 min 50 s; Paulina, U. Aurand, 2011, 16 mm, 5 min; Franz, U. Aurand, 2011, 16 mm, 5 min; Maria, U. Aurand, 2011, 16 mm, 3 min; Susan + Lisbeth, U. Aurand, 2013, 16 mm, 7 min; The Gravediggers of Guadix, M. Menken, 1961, video, silent, 45 min.




TO BE HERE has it's premiere at VIEWS FROM THE AVANTGARDE at the New York Film Festival, October 5th 2013.

TO BE HERE, filmed in New England, New York and the South West of the US, is the last part of my trilogy with INDIA (2005) filmed in Pune and JUNGE KIEFERN / YOUNG PINES (2011) filmed in Japan.



Fragment of a filmmaker's work: Ute Aurand and Margaret Tait 21.8.2013


3 filmprograms curated by Federico Rossin (21.8.13)

at états généraux du film documentaire, Lussas, France, 18.-24.8.2013.

(...) How do you manage to be at the right distance with the people you are filming? I feel something like an ethics in your camera work: to be close to people but not too close. This is the secret of your intimate cinema for me.
I like the idea of a brief "touch", it's not necessary to stay long to get in touch with someone or something. My approach is sometimes like a swing, to go away and come back and go away and come back again. Often I don't know the people, but even when I know them quite well, I like brief moments of communication. The same with a sound, you don't have to listen to a whole piece of music, a bit of music is enough to evoke an emotion. Emotions are echoes of an image or a sound. They stay in us. Images and sounds disappear, emotion and memory stays. (...)  (Interview with Federico Rossin)



STILLS, Edinburgh, 2.8.2013

Film Screening and Artist's Talk   Friday 02 August 2013, 3pm

Introduced by film historian Dr Sarah Neely, artist Ute Aurand will talk about Film Portraits her acclaimed film series depicting family, friends, memory and personality. Followed by Q + A.

2 Aug 2013 - 31 Aug 2013

Initiated by The Modern Edinburgh Film School for presentation at Stills, FILME is a special programme of poetic and enigmatic moving-image works by experimental filmmaker Ute Aurand. The films, dating from 1980 to the present, address themes of intimacy, the ephemeral, the diary film, and the portrait.



SUSAN + LISBETH, Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen 2013

Susan + Lisbeth von Ute Aurand sind am Sonntag, den 5. Mai 2013 im Deutschen Wettbewerb und am Dienstag, den 7.Mai 2013 im Internationalen Wettbewerb der Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen zu sehen.




O-DE-KA-KE-DIARY + OH! DIE 4 JAHRESZEITEN am 1.Mai 2013 im Filmclub 813, Köln

O-DE-KA-KE Diary von Utako Koguchi (auch "Filmarbeiterinnen Abend", Oktober 1994) und OH! DIE 4 JAHRESZEITEN von Ute Aurand und Ulrike Pfeiffer zeigt der Filmclub 813 am 1. Mai 2013 um 20:00 in Köln.



In Person: Ute Aurand; 6.+7. März 2013 Filmmuseum Wien

In Person: Ute Aurand

" (...) Ob Aufzeichnungen des eigenen Lebens, Porträts von Menschen, die ihr nahestehen (Patenkinder, Eltern, Künstlerfreundinnen), oder „filmarchitektonische“ Darstellungen von Orten in Entstehung (hier zwei Museen) – Aurands Filme sind stets improvisierte Zeitminiaturen, zusammengefügt aus Bildern, die über Tage, Monate, Jahre eingefangen wurden. Trotz des Elements der Dauer verfallen die Filme keiner befriedenden „Dramaturgie“ und geben statt­dessen den Gesten und Erscheinungen des Augenblicks Raum. Sie sind zuallererst der reine Atem des Kinos: Vergegenwärtigung. Die Vergangenheit(en) des Gefilmten und die Präsenz eines enorm ­aufmerksamen Kameraauges fallen in der Projektion, in unserem Blick zusammen.(...)" Filmmuseum Wien



....Ulrike Pfeiffer schickte mir 1995 diese schöne Karte...

it is a nice quote from a talk between Goethe and Heinrich Luden about Poetry....